[BUG] Rhino 8 WIP & Grasshopper Yield Different Bounding Boxes


I have some files I have to import from SketchUp to Rhino via Grasshopper though I believe this issue is not directly related to SketchUp

Visually the objects come in correctly as mesh or trimmed planes, and if I select the Model Object or Import Content component it previews the correct bounding boxes on the geometry & blocks.

However, when I feed any of these nodes into a bounding box component, the bbox includes the imported models world origin in its calculation and returns a bad/oversized bbox as a result. The axes locations are correct on a per instance basis.

There is no geometry, plane, point, or even a null item located at the world origin that it could be calculating and therefore Iā€™m pretty sure this is a bug and not directly related to SketchUp either.

If I recursively explode the blocks down to expose all of their internal geometry, and then use that as the input for a union bbox, it returns the correct bbox size.

I found this YouTrack issue that seems to be related:

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time!

SketchUp Test File (colored items are individual grouped geometry, white items are block instances):

SketchUp showing block relative axes:

Rhino Test File (relative axes of block instances intact as expected):

Rhino Test File (bounding box command returns expected result):

Grasshopper Test File (unexpected bbox results)

-The bboxes are working fine on generic/non-block geometry.
-The transform component has no effect
-If I plug a bbox component into the Bd output of the imported content I get the following result which is a bbox of only 1 instance of the block instances and it is out of scale, regardless of whether a intermediary transform node is used or not.


Thanks for any clarification!

20230612_Bounding_Box_Inconsistencies.skp (83.2 KB)
20230612_Bounding_Box_Inconsistencies_01a.gh (32.7 KB)
20230612_Bounding_Box_Inconsistencies.3dm (221.6 KB)

This is fixed in the latest Beta Build 09.26.23

Thanks @AndyPayne and @kike !