BUG - Rhino 7/8 - DGN inserted with all lines set to "No Print"

When inserting a DGN file in Rhino 7/8 all lines are set to “No Print” by default.

This can be manually changed by exploding the block and fixing the print width to a thichkness or by layer.

This workflow is however not so good when wanting to use blocks as linked references for drawing production. Where you want to use a DGN model as a background and have it updated when other users change that file.

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As I start to dig into this it would be helpful to know what the value is supposed to be. The only app I have besides Rhino to read dgn files is the sample viewer from Open Design Alliance and it’s hard to figure out details like line width in there.

From looking at what we get out in some files, it seems that some layers are given a proper line weight but most are given a “No Print” value. We suspect that all layers that are set to “by Layer” in Microstation are coming out at “No Print” and the layers that have some overwritten value is given the similar lineweight in Rhino.

I think we would be happy if the value was just set to “by Layer” as default.

I don’t know if that helps, but let me know if you need more info.

I’ll see if I can figure that out. I’ll start into it soon, like tomorrow or Thursday. My guess is I’m just not setting that at all.

This turned out to be an oversight on my part unless the SDK has changed since I wrote the code. For the various settings dgn has a byLevel (our layer), byCell (our parent) or a number. I was doing that for linetype, for instance, but not plot weight. ByLevel is -1 and I was just checking to see if the plotweight was anything but 0 and using that to value and setting the source as from object.

Fix coming soon in V8.

Sorry for the incovenience.


No worries, just glad to see it fixed. Looking forward to the update.