BUG: Rhino 6 macOS Big Sur Hatch import crashes Rhino


I’ve found a problem with Rhino 6 on macOS Big Sur. When I try to import larger libraries of hatches such as the one provided in the Rhino FAQs or acad.pat, the program completely crashes and is unresponsive.

I go to File → Settings → Hatch → Import and pick my file, then the crash occurs. It looks like the preview import window wants to pop up, but it only appears as a see through rectangle where the window should be (see file below).

Alos, if I click into the main Rhino window and click any of the menu bar items such as File, Edit, View, etc., instead of the drop-down menu, the same see through window appears.

Greetings :slight_smile:

Hi Gernot -

Could you run me through the details here? Which file do you download, what do you do with it, etc…
So far, I’ve been unable to get to select a *.pat file - which might be an issue by itself.

  • Download the file linked here.

  • Rename the hatchpatterns.txt to hatchpatterns.pat as suggested in the linked article.

  • Go to File -> Settings -> Hatch -> Import and pick the hatchpatterns.pat from the download folder.

After that the crash happens.

When I use single hatches like the ones found here, the import works just fine.

Hi Gernot -
I originally tried with the file on our wiki that you have then linked to but was unable to select it when trying to import it. It remains grayed out like this:

… while the one downloaded from the cadhatch site is selectable.
I’ve gotten someone much more versed in macOS to take a look and he came up with the same issue.

Is the hatchpatterns_1033.pat file selectable on your end?