Bug report - Rhino V5 SR9 Windows 7 64-bit

Open Rhino, right click on any toolbar tab. Hovering over the ShowToolbar command causes a crash. Screen shot:

I can’t duplicate that here.
Please go into Rhino Options - View - OpenGL, and take a screenshot of the settings on that page.
Return the image in a reply.
I suspect you are having display card/driver problems.
Probably buggy drivers but could be an unrecommended card that doesn’t adequately support OpenGL.
The image will have the details we need.


Hi John,

Thanks for the prompt response.
Screenshot attached.

[image: Inline images 1]

Ian NagleJ.B. Roche (MFG) LtdTel: +353 21 4320320

There it is.
Your drivers date from April of 2011. <Yikes!>

Please download and install updated drivers.
If you’re on a laptop, contact the laptop maker.
If you’re on a desktop, here’s a link:

Download and install the new drivers, restart Windows, and give it another go.

Good luck

Hi John,

I have just downloaded the latest AMD Radeon HD6600 drivers and that sorted
the problem.
Thanks for the help.


Ian NagleJ.B. Roche (MFG) LtdTel: +353 21 4320320