Bug report: Layout/Page creation params ignored

Creating pages are broken: all parameters are ignored (title, width, and height). The page created always has title: Viewport, and size A4 in portrait mode. (maybe this is different in other locales)

Neither rhinoscript nor RhinoCommon works.

# Rhinocommon
# all params are ignored here
pageview = scriptcontext.doc.Views.AddPageView("A0_{0}".format(page_number), 2000, 1000)

# this works
pageview.PageName = "mypage"

# but this is still ignored
pageview.PageWidth = 2000
pageview.PageHeight = 1000

# Rhinoscript
# all params are ignored here
rhinoscriptsyntax.AddLayout(title="mypage", size=[2000, 1000])

If anyone knows a workaround I’d love to hear it.

Hello - I see that it does not work right… I get somewhat different result from what you describe, but not the expected ones. Thanks for the report.



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