Bug Report - Display mode settings not remembered

Hi Nathan,

I really enjoy experimenting with Cycles and looking forward to the development into a productive tool. It is amazing already, but some minor issues keep costing my setup time. Hope this could be fixed relatively easy :slight_smile:

Quick bug report: Settings of the display mode are not remembered across rhino sessions.

I always have to do the following in the display panel after starting Rhino:

  • Background: set to “solid color” (goes back to “Use render settings”)
  • Check “Surface Edges” (goes back to unchecked)
  • Go to “Raytraced Settings” in Options dialog, and set “Use single color for all edges” under Objects/Surface

Would be great if Cycles remembered those (and all other) user settings.

Cheers, Frank

Hi @FrankS, this is on my todo list



Great! Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward.