Bug Report Build 516 - Some Keyboard Shortcuts inactive while a command is active

Quick bug report. Downloaded and using Rhino for Mac Build 516
Came across something with this build. Unable to use some keyboard commands while a command is active that I have been able to with previous build.
Drawing a line, clicked start point for line and then hit F8 to toggle Orthographic on or off before clicking for the end of the line. Rhino won’t respond to the old F8 Orthographic keyboard shortcut while the command was active to draw a line.

It will allow me to toggle orthographic on or off with the mouse by clicking the orthographic button.
The F8 shortcut to turn Ortho on / off does work while a command is not active

Small thing I know but thought I would let you know and will post others on this thread as / if I come across them.


Logged as a bug.