Bug report: Boolean Difference of flat surfaces

Hi there,
I found something strange in Mac version 5.0.2 (5A865), and as I payed for this software, complaining starts! :grin:

At least the Mac Boolean Difference command does not work like the Windows one. I am working on a small python script (writing in Win versions build in python editor, but want to use the final script on mac).

However this is not about scripting.
To reproduce the issue, draw an rectangular curve, use PlanarSrf command. Copy and move second Surface to overlap the first.
BooleanDifference of these two, check “Delete Inputs”.

The result is like a BooleanSplit. With some other planar Surfaces (see File) my result is like a BooleanSplit + BooleanUnion.

problem.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hi Rf- I believe they behave the same if the surface normals are the same in each case. (Dir command).
But just Trim with a rectangle is probably what you want…


You are right! Thanks.
That explains the problem files behaviour. But the main issue still remains: There ist no BooleanDifference but two times BooleanSplit.

I agree that that is slightly odd - I do not know if it is ‘fixable’ - on the other hand, Boolean operations are not really designed for this situation - Trim a a better bet.