[BUG] Recurrent block loading when drag&drop

When drag&drop import/insert is used, sometimes, it imports the last block inserted/imported instead of the one drag-dropped. Checked with dwg files (3dm need more testing).

RH SR12 + W10.

I hope this helps.

P.S.: Is there any workaround to avoid this?

Hi Angel - is the drag-n-dropped file a block that has already been inserted - that is, are you doing this to get another instance of an existing block, or is this a brand new Insert operation?

Do you have a repeatable set of steps that shows this?


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Hi @pascal!

It happens frequently when I have to import several different blocks in a row from different dwg files. At certain point it stops importing the block that Iā€™m dropping and imports the last block already imported. I check it several times before reporting, even opening the dwg in ACAD to check if the content was right.

When I want to import an instance of an existing block I usually use Copy&Paste or insert if the block has no instances populated on the file.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Hi Angel,
Sorry to hear about this.
It is nothing that I have see or heard of before.

Could you make us a quick screen capture video and also send us with the files to duplicate this? We need a set of simple files that will show is this behavior on our lab computers.

Instead of a video, we could also arrange a TeamView session, so you can share your computer and show me how you duplicate this issue on your computer.
If this is better for you, email me mary@mcneel.com and we can set up a time and good number to reach you at.

Looking forward to getting this solved.
Thanks for your help.
Mary Fugier