BUG: Purge does something wrong to object's name

Try this:

  1. Have some objects in the scene
  2. Named all of them the same eg. TEST
  3. Bring something from other file, rename it to TEST too
  4. All objects in the scene have the same name again
  5. Run purge
  6. Suddenly there are (varies) names in the scene but no objects were added

Hi Piotr -
I ran through the steps that you have specified but did not reproduce that issue. Perhaps there is something more specific going on in one of the files?

It happens on all of ca. 15 files I’m working on at the moment.
They keep their name individually but Ctrl+A display varies names.
Not a big deal if I’m aware of it.

Hi Piotr -
If you can share files that behave like that, I can take a closer look at those.

OK, I will upload it and a video that demonstrates the problem.