Bug: ptTriangulatePoints not working in Rhino 6

I hope bug reports of this sort are welcomed here. If there’s a better place to address PanellingTools Devs please advise.

In Rhino 6, the command ptTriangulatePoints does nothing. The same point cloud works perfectly in Rhino 5. Thank you for investigating.

Further, it would be nice if the command could be reworked to include “same plane” check of input points. This would ideally allow Delaunay Triangulations from the Front or Right Viewport. Currently I can only run the command successfully in Rhino 5’s Top viewport, and if points are all at Z=0.

Thank you.

Thank you for your report. This is a great place to post the bug. I can see the command is broken, and will work on the fix.
Grasshopper offers a robust Delaunay triangulation, so I’m not sure if it is worth adding to PanelingTools. Would you be able to use the Grasshopper triangulation?

Dear Rajaa,

thank you so much for getting back.

I used to be an excessive Grasshopper user but am finding that in my day to day job in production its usefulness is limited. For geometry research or cases that require extreme mathematical accuracy, I use it still.

But I find the beauty of Panelling Tools is that you can achieve a lot with it in minutes without Grasshopper. Even though setting up a Delaunay triangulation in GH can be done very quickly, it still means a separate window, likely a GH file saved to the project folder, and therefore additional layers to your workflow. Thus I was very glad to find the ptTriangulatePoints command.

Noted. I’ll keep you posted about the fix. Thanks