BUG / PROBLEM : viewport hole when using pixel dimensions

The problem occurs when I type in an exact pixel dimension for my viewport size. I want the adjacent viewport to get bigger (or smaller) by the same amount, and do it cleanly. But, I get this this annoying hole. Not always, but most of the time. [See pic]

FYI : I understand that I can drag the common border, but I need an exact size of viewport for rendering purposes. Secondly, I know you can make a floating viewport, but that is not working well for the demo I am recording.

Hi Dave- so in effect, you want the last viewport sized to win, and not be able to set them each independently… correct? Using NewViewort may help - it makes a new docked vp that overlaps the ‘big four’ and sizes independently - no holes.



First of all, THANK YOU for answering on a weekend. Yet another reason Rhino & staff are the best.

Yes. Is there any way to do that – without the ‘hole’ opening up?

Neato! I had never tried ‘NewViewport’ – but it was able to be correctly re-sized without affecting anything else. I even moved it right on top of the first Perspective viewport, so when the new one was re-sized, it simply ‘revealed’ more of the old one below – and no black hole occurred. This might work.

I mentioned I had tried the ‘NewFloatingViewport’ and that seems similar. But, you also get the nice top label and border around it. That make it just as easy to re-size, but moving is easier.

TIP TO OTHERS: the floating viewport is also PERFECT to drag to a second monitor. Rhino on two screens is sweet.

You can also just drag any docked viewport by its ‘viewport title’ out of the main Rhino window - say onto a second monitor - to create a copy as a floater.


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