Bug PointCloud Preview

Hi, when I move, rotate, scale or drag a pointcloud then the transformation preview appears somehow “scaled”. The final transformation appears to be correct, so it’s just the dynamic preview.

Let me know if you need more info to repeat this.

If you turn off anti-aliasing do you still get this effect?

Yes, and also with “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback items” checked.

This is a general effect that you will see with all geometry when doing things like panning in V6. @jeff and I will try to improve this over time. We get huge performance benefits using the technique that we are using, but currently AA drops out during panning which is why things look “scaled”.

I think you mean something different. I’m not talking about panning. See attached Screenshot. A curve, a pointcloud and a mesh, aligned on x-axis. If I rotate around the center the preview of the transformation of the pointcloud is twice the sizes of the other objects:

Edit: I guess you have just applied the transformation twice on PointClouds.

I’m still seeing this bug in the latest WIP. However not a big thing…

Anyone else seeing this:
The dynamic preview of any modeled transformations of pointcloud objects is wrong.
It appears that the transformation is being applied twice to the preview geometry.

Hi Jess- I see this, thanks.


Hi Jess,
I just fixed this, so you should see the problem go away in the next release. Thanks for the bug report.