Bug: Point Editing Turns Off History Lock

This is super annoying and has broken my workflow:

Latest WIP - (7.0.20049.13225, 2/18/2020)


Any command that executes on a control point turns History Lock off. It has nothing to do with Gumball.

Really wish this existed right now:


This is pretty much crippling. Can I get a youtrack please?

Possibly related to this:


@scottd Is anyone looking at this?

This was fixed, but I would have appreciated some communication.


Hello - I don’t really understand this so far - I have history on, lock on, and I Move control points child of a Copy-with-history operation on a surface - I am not allowed to move the points.


@pascal this is all past tense. It was fixed last build and the youtrack was listed on the current build.

It was a huge PITA and I pinged you, Scott, and Lowell. I thought everyone ignored it, but Lowell fixed it.