Bug: PlaceBlock component in a cluster

I noticed that if you have a Place Block component inside a cluster it becomes super slow. If you explode the cluster it is now around 5-6 times faster. What is it about that component that causes this behaviour/bug?

Inside a cluster:

Exploded cluster:

Nothing has changed between the 2 versions other than the Place Block component being inside a cluster.

@andheum any ideas?

@seltzdesign An example would be great! I don’t seem to experience the same problem. Clusters do have the tendency to play poorly with your tree structures. If you have a complex tree structure going in, this could be the problem.

For example paths with only elements are forgotten inside the cluster which could result in incorrect path matching and therefore different performance. This can be fixed by replacing the empty string with a ‘null’ by using the ‘filter empty’ component. If this doesn’t work, explode your cluster and rebuild it and add cluster outputs that connect with your inputs to verify if the information going in equals that what comes out.

Hope this helps.