Bug pictureframe rhino6_rhino7

When I enter the photo into the Rhino, the settings don’t appear and the next bug is when I transparency it.

Hello - I am not sure I follow - can you tell me more? What is unexpected?



bug.3dm (205.8 KB)

Hello - are you running either V6 or the WIP at different Windows permissions (Adminstrator for example)
Also, @mehran09197306634me - does any drag and drop work on V6? Like, another 3dm file? And does the Picture command work?


no @pascal

Dragging doesn’t work in Rhino 6 but the picture command works

So, no drag and drop works, do I have that right? This comes up when an application is running with different Windows permissions than Windows Explorer, but I guess that is not true here. I’ll see what I can find out…


I just installed vray and it works when I switch
current render>rhino render

Ah yes, I guess I knew this - Vray has some unexpected interactions with Rhino - they do fix these things, you might check for an updated VRay build.


Yes I installed the latest version of vray
Sep 25, 2019
Build 4.10.01