Bug: OrientCameraToSrf?

currently it does not allow subselected surfaces. the command simply quits without anything happening. one has to explode or extract and later rejoin the surface. which is when modelling on a bigger structure very bothersome.

also on Rhino for Mac if you choose a direction i would assume the camera looks into the direction of the indicated arrow, but suprisingly it switches the direction meaning i would have to flip the selection with the arrow showing to the current camera which is pretty unlogical, at least to me

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-19 um 16.23.06

That is not the case here - the pre-sub-selection is accepted, and I am prompted to place the exact location…
The camera is placed so that the feedback arrow points at the camera, not in the camera direction.

I’ll have a look on Mac. Seems fine on Mac so far here.


ehm… i must be drunk from whatever that dentist gave me today, it now works perfectly

ok that is something i could get used to even though it feels more intuitiv to have the arrow showing the way the camera is projecting towards in my opinion.

but besides all that, currently when i look at a surface i have to use flip every time, which does not make sense, who would want to orient the camera to the inside of an object or the side pointing away from the camera by default? so it forces one to flip every time the command is used, or is that only on mac? seems like a little bug at least.