BUG: Option+LMB on Osnap panel deactivates all Osnap settings

On V6 Mac Rhino, Option+LMB clicking on Osnap panel deactivates all osnap settings but the one you clicked on. On WIP it just deactivates every setting as the video shows.

Hello - I see that, thanks.
I take that back… they seem to behave the same - if I option click one of my already set snaps in both V6 and 7 all are cleared (that seems incorrect to me on both) but if I Option-click a clear snap, that one gets set and all others deactivated.

RH-59454 OSnaps control: change Option-Click behavior


Umm, I’m not in front of my computer right now, but I’m pretty sure option+LMB deselect all but the one I clicked on V6. What service release are you using for V6? I’ll recheck it and let you know.


Hi Pascal,
You were right, I also see the same behaviour on V6, even V5 is working the same… It would be nice to keep the one you click on selected though.