Bug: Open *.sldprt, then unable to access menu

This is in v6, after opening a solidworks part I’m unable to access the pulldown, single click to maximize is working. it is repeatable here.

2020-02-19 14_36_31-Window

Hello - is Rhino busy building meshes for the display or anything? What does the command line say?


it’s ready for commands, mesh is displaying fine

Some geometry was not read from the file
Successfully read file

Hello - can you send us the file for a look? tech@mcneel.com? Please include a link back to this conversation in your comments.
If the file is very large, please Zip and upload to www.rhino3d.com/upload to my attention.


sent. i saved the offending file as a rhino file and reopened, the menu works fine after that.

Thanks… weird - behaves just fine here as far as I can tell - can you repeat this?


after a reboot it seems to have sorted out. i did repeat it several times before though.i feel so stupid. sorry.

No worries - it went wrong, that is not your fault in the least - it just seems to be really specific to some state that my machine was not in…