Bug on default button Eto.MessageBox under macOS

Well everything is in the title. I’ve noticed that the following code :

DialogResult lookAnim = MessageBox.Show(this,   "Some text [...]", "Title", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxType.Question, MessageBoxDefaultButton.No);

… creates a dialog with default button ‘No’ on Windows, but ‘Yes’ on macOS.
I guess there is a mistake somewhere.

@curtisw, I’m tagging you right now on the subject, because it looked on previous posts that you are very much in charge with this. Sorry if not

Hi @em.rudelle,

Thanks for reporting the issue, I’m seeing this too. The code was supposed to at least make the default button have focus initially (so space would select it) however that is no longer working.

After a bit of research, this could be done better. I’ve created RH-57980 to get that fixed up.

Thanks again!

RH-57980 Eto: MessageBoxDefaultButton has no effect on Mac

should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac Service Release. Thanks again for reporting this.