[BUG] Often WeldEdge on a flat zone of a mesh destroy vertex normals

As shown in the video often, welding destroys vertex normals.


Rhino 6 SR25 (6.25.20114.5271, 04/23/2020)
Rhino 7 Work In Progress (7.0.20119.13305, 4/28/2020)

Weld Not posible.3dm (78.3 KB)

Hello - I see that, thanks - RebuildMeshNormals, for now, when you’re done.

RH-58339 WeldEdge and adjacent edges


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Yes that works!
After rebuilding the normals, still some wont weld
If I export as OBJ and import that, the welding can be done
[BUG] To be able to _WeldVertices of a mesh converted from SubD you need to export and import as OBJ