Bug? of Rhino6 Mac beta(Reading STL file)

Now I try to use Rhino beta (Version WIP (6.16.19197.13284, 2019-07-16)). I have one problem. This beta version can’t read STL file completely. Reading this STL file by using Rhino V5, This STL file is read completely. Reading this by using Rhino beta, This STL file is read partly. (wing parts located in center can’t be read ) I attach this STL file.
This is bug of Rhino V6 mac beta?
all_wing_A10.stl (83.4 KB)

The wing profile is not imported into Rhino 6 Beta. If you open the file in Rhino 5 and export it to 3.dm, it will be opened normally with Rhino 6 Beta. Probably in this case Rhino 6 Beta is more picky …



Added to the pile:

Thanks for the example

Thanks for the report, it is a new specy of STL with many solids inside ! I updated my script to read STL inside Grasshopper.

The developer found a bug in the STL reading code and fixed it yesterday
I’ve just finished testing the fix in V6 in a code stream that will produce V6 SR18.
When V6 SR17 is released, then Service Release Candidate 18 will have the fix.

Thanks for the report and good example.

I am happy to help finding bug.

And, Thanks for all replay.

This is just my request. I hope solid name is each layer name exporting STL file. Because , I sometimes use mesh generator soft for simulation(computation). STL file as iput file in these tools need that individual name for each part. So, It is very useful that each solid name is layer name.

If possible. This is just my request for future windows and mac version.

The STL mesh file format does not support object colors, or layers, or even a unit system. In only supports a list of mesh facets.

Conversely, importing an STL can’t create any of this meta data either as it does not exist in the STL file.

Thanks for your replay

I understand that STL define only geometry. I need only name of layer in STL file. Now Rhino export one solid parts (solid OBJECT) for selected geometry in STL file.

Below is sample of STL file.

-------------My request--------------------

solid layer1



endsolid layer1

solid layer2



endsolid layer2

I understand, but the STL format does not support layers like you describe.

There are other file formats that do support meshes and layer names like 3dm, DXF/DWG, and I think maybe OBJ. VRML is very similar to STL, but it it supports colors. I do not know how that works.

In my understanding, STL file can be includes some solid parts, doesn’t it?

My sample file “All_wing_A10.stl” has some solid parts. Not one.

I think some CAD software export my request type STL file. I will check name of some CAD and report it.

Now In my work,

1-1) making geometry by rhino.

1-2) exporting some STL files for each part from Rhino

1-3) renaming solid for each STL file, and joining some STL Files to one

This work is boring

My request

2-1) making geometry by rhino.

2-2) Rhino exports joined STL File (1-3))

Sorry, My explain is bad.

STL does support multiple objects, it just doesn’t support names. This doesn’t have anything to do with Rhino, STL is just a terrible primitive format–it doesn’t even support UNITS for crying out loud–almost anything else would be better.

RH-54210 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate