BUG: Objects popover


I’m loving the new single window interface.
I have noticed that the first time I try to use the object properties popover window it is blank (as if no object is selected), even if I have an object selected. I have to deselect the object, then select it again and then the object properties popover works fine for the rest of the session.

(Brian James) #2

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the right click>Object Properties choice when your mouse is over an object? If so, I am not able to reproduce this here so far. What are your system specs including OS and am I misunderstanding what you meant by ‘popover’… in my part of the world this is the name for baked goods something like a biscuit.

(Pascal Golay) #3

I can see the problem here: Brian, exit Rhino, Open a new one, make a box and with the box selected, click on the bagel at the top-right of the screen (single window mode) to activate the popover Properties panel. It is blank the first time it is used, claiming ‘no selection’.



(Brian James) #4

Oh… that bagel! I used the one in the right sidebar and also the pop up using right click both of which worked.