Bug-- Object Properties/Details turns to tooltip

in the single window layout (wenatchee 493)

when using the Show Object Properties icon at the top of the window then going to Details (with the mouse pointer hovering inside the window which the screenshot doesn’t pickup)

it looks ok for a few seconds:

…but then the text turns into a tooltip:

same thing happens in the right sidebar Object Properties / Details or the window upon running the command Properties.

That’s not a bug, thats a feature! :wink:

Rhino is not explicitly setting or displaying a tooltip for this field. The OS X framework is deciding to do this. The OS X framework will display this yellow prompt window that contains the full text of a field when the full contents of the field does not fit on the screen. That’s usually a useful feature, but I agree it is annoying here. I’m not aware of a way to turn this feature off, because, although this looks just like a tooltip, it’s actually something else.

Here’s another example. In the Layers panel, reduce the width of the name column until some, but not all of your layer names are truncated. Hover the cursor over a layer name. If the layer name has a trailing ellipsis, the full layer name will show up as a “tooltip”. If the layer name is not truncated, the “tooltip” will not appear. That’s not how “real” tooltips work. Tooltips always appear, whether the field is fully visible or not.

ah. ok… i see what you’re saying (with the truncated words in the layers panel)

i thought it was more of (again, similar looking to a tooltip… or maybe these are actual tooltips?) the thing in which i hover over certain icons or links on this page for example and it gives somewhat of a description of what that button is going to do if you push it.

the main problem with it acting like this in rhino is that depending on where you’ve scrolled to in the details panel, you’ll likely have some of the text which you need to read being cut off by the top of the screen… and you can’t scroll the yellow panel to see the info (that’s what’s happening in the screenshot i posted above)… and some of the info on the side gets cut off too.

the workaround for me is to use the What command. (which is actually a little better in some regards since you can copy/paste text from that dialog)

I found a way to prevent this big “tooltip” from appearing, and this will be in the next WIP release.

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great :thumbsup: