Bug: no Question about saving

Hey Guys,
I found a little bug. If I run Rhino in Fullscreen and a separate fullscreen window with my Material editor and close the Rhino Window / Space with the red button on the top, my material window / Space will stay. In these moment my Rhino don’t ask me to save the file (normally it ask if I want to save or discard changes).
This dialogue pops up if I close the material editor separately with the red button.
regards - HugoIII

This is correct behavior. In OS X, one Rhino model can have several windows, like Materials, the main modeling window, and soon, Layouts and floating viewports. The Rhino model is not closed (and saved) until the last window associated with the model is closed.

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ah okay this is a good thought. But can I reopen a modeling window out of an material Window?

This behaviour has always struck me as odd. It would make more sense to me if the modelling window were the “master” document window, and all other windows related to that model closed when the modelling window was closed. It’s caused me some confusion on more than one occasion.

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