[BUG?] No Gumball during subselection on pointcloud object

Guys i just found that selecting sub-object (point) from the point cloud is not showing gumball to the user. I guess this should be an easy fix.

I’d like also to ask a question related to this. I was investigating ObjectType enum and i was wondering what can be also a PointSet in Rhino - PointCloud is obvious but is there something else which im not aware of?

@pascal I’m marking you here to be sure that sub-object(point) selecion from pointcloud will recieve a gumball.

A PointSet is a point set or cloud.

– Dale

Hello - I see the lack of gumball - thanks, I’ll see if this can be tuned up.



@pascal Thanks for puting on a pile :wink:

@dale yup but there’s no such thing like PointSetObject which derives from RhinoObject. Anything that i can think of what could be a PointSet Type would be a group of Point Objects but the group is a totally different thing in these terms. That’s why i’m asking about it :wink:

RH-54748 is fixed in the latest WIP