BUG: New Layout Page Orientation

I had been thinking i was going crazy because I kept creating landscape layouts when I thought I was creating portrait.

I notice that when I was clicking the New Layout button the radio button was set to Portrait but the dimensions were being set to landscape.

After creating and deleting, the next click on New Layout has Landscape selected.

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Hello- if you change the numbers to be portrait, does it all behave?


Yes. It’s just displaying the radio button incorrectly.

Here’s a weird on. I created a new file, then clicked on LAYOUT. If I click the Landscape/Portrait radio box, the page dimensions are opposite of what they should be.

This problem exists in V7 as well.

Hi -
Rhino on Mac doesn’t remember the layout settings between sessions as it does on Windows.

The images that you show use a “Custom” size and this can’t have been the case following the few steps that you have outlined. Could you please list all required steps to replicate the issue?

The problem is the radio buttons. Clicking LANDSCAPE sets the page size for portrait and Clicking PORTRAIT sets the page size for landscape.

It doesn’t do that here with a new file from a factory-default template.

I will have to track down for you the specific steps when I get home then. I has using your default, large objects inches template and noticed I was getting the orientation reversed. I thought I was going crazy until I start taking screen shots like the one above.