BUG: moving an object zero units not allowed


I noticed this after the last release but it may have been earlier. When moving an object it is sometimes (always?) not possible to move it zero units. Attempting to move an object where the base point and endpoint is the same point leaves the operation open with the object still floating with your cursor.

Why would you move an object zero units you may ask? Well, you wouldn’t. But, sometimes when checking that objects are aligned as you intended, rather than measuring, it is simpler to just move them from a reference point to a point which said object should align. If the object was already aligned correctly it is more convenient that the operation simply completes the zero units “movement”.

While you could say that leaving the operation open signifies that no movement was necessary it could also signify other issues with your intended process so the unresolved operation causes confusion. I think this is a BUG rather than an intended operation modus operandi.


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