Bug, Move Face needs error check + message

Check file, try subselect top and move up with gumball.
Rhino needs to recognize situations that doesn’t work with move face AND report messups like this.

When exploded and points turned on it looks like this:

Why are the extra isoparm moved to 0? Is the calculations happening in a local 0,0,0 that is forgotten to be xformed back to world???

As you can see here, if I make multiple and do it to them all, then all of these share the same location for this messed up isocurve:

Move top face messes up.3dm (75.5 KB)

I posted this with an almost identical example awhile back…

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I believe it is https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-27554

6 years, two versions and nothing done… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy… If nobody uses it, it is no need to fix it, and if you don’t fix it nobody will use it… :smiley:

I really hope facemanipulation can get some real love in V8.
Both the distoriting tool that we have now, and a new one where the surrounding surfaces are kept intact and just extended when needed. (Like spaceclaim does) I often need to rotate a face a bit, but that just messes everything up in Rhino.

Of course sometimes the current behaviour is needed as the face being moved IS the master shape, so both tools needs to work side by side.

This isn’t the only thing in Rhino that falls into that category!

Since it’s clearly a bug (at least from the user’s point of view) why not fix it in V7?




Yeah, please squash the bug in b6 too, but I don’t expect new feaures like content aware face manipulation to make it into v7.