Bug: Match

In my curve fitting experiments described previously, I had tried the JOIN and MERGE options.

Now Rhino is merging and joining on every match command. I can uncheck the MERGE option by setting CURVATURE, Unchecking MERGE, then setting POSITION.

Even when unchecked, MATCH is joining everything.

I cannot give exact steps to reproduce because I cannot get out of this. Even restarting RHINO does not make it go away. However, I presume it occurred by doing a match with MERGE or JOIN set.

Any ideas on how to get out of this predicament?

Ugh - I’ll see if I can reproduce this. So that grayed out merge check box, it will not stay unchecked, is that correct? Certainly it should not be able to merge curves at the position or tangency settings.

I see it here as well.

RH-59318 Match: Merge setting is permanent on Mac


Previously, I could get it unchecked if I set both ends to continuous. But it was still joining the two segments event when checked and the box would be checked on the next Match command.

Somehow I appear to have gotten it unstuck. I’ll try to figure out what sequence gets it into that state and out of it.

Hello - it seems to unstick it to complete a match for curvature with merge un-checked.