BUG: Mapping Override in Materials

I see this is being developed but for a little while per texture mapping overrides are disabled/not working. It only works with mapping channel 1.

The other mapping options are working here, can you post the file you are using?

One thing to watch out for is that the repeat values will change when you change the mapping method. The default is world coordinate system box or WCS box style if you assign a library material.

This was created with no template and a library material. Different sides are different sizes and it changes when scaling
Quadro K4000/PCIe/SSE2 (OpenGL ver:4.5.0 NVIDIA 362.13)

That’s correct behavior for a WCS mapping method which is based on the size of the model in relation to the units the file is set to. If you change the mapping method to mapping channel 1 it will use the surface domain/UV for the mapping which is the default in v5. If you do this and don’t see the texture, it’s probably due to the repeat values needing to be adjusted after previously using WCS.

The idea is that the size of the model will dictate the size of the texture on the model without needing to know about texture mapping at all.

If you still see what you reported originally here, please post that 3dm file.

Maybe I explained myself wrong because it wasn’t correct WCS behavior. E.g., a Grid which appears 1’ x 1’ on one object will appear so on another. In the image above different faces had a different size texture. This is not correct. It seems the culrpit on my machine is actually “Use Advanced GPU Lighting” which I think I’d turned off recently
On (Correct WCS Behavior)

Off (Reverts to surface mapping)

That makes sense… I was thinking to ask if the display mode had custom settings next! Thanks for the update.