(bug) mac interface focus

Dear mc neel
dear @dan
as reported at other topics - the mac interface has some strange issues regarding focus - where is mouse or keyboard input directed to.

just another one:
while being in the dialog for
pressing Tab to go the next field … but in the background, _subDisplayToggle is called.
Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 12.59.47

i can t give a recipe to 100% reproduce it, because it s not happing all time.
but this is why i thing it is some deeper issue regarding the used forms / framework.
(and sorry to tell - as i did not get feedback on several other issues, my motivation to report bugs is decreasing)

kind regards -tom

Hey Tom, thanks for this- can you post your systeminfo please? Are you up to date with the latest service release and OS versions?

this helps us know where to start looking-

rhino is up to date.
not to use the latest os depends on some other software / settings…

systeminfo_tom_p_21_10_19.txt (5.6 KB)

Hi Tom-

I spent some time today attempting to reproduce this as well. Much like the other focus issue we recently discussed, I was unsuccessful :confused: I’ve taken a look at your System Report (thank you) and I don’t see any red-flags.

You mentioned earlier that you often use Rhino on a secondary display. It’s a stretch, but I would be interested to hear if you start to experience these focus issues when you are unplugged and using your MacBook Pro’s built-in display (perhaps a rarity too).