[BUG] Loading errors when opening GH-file, including GHPython components?


Oftentimes, when opening Rhino and Grasshopper by double-clicking on a GH-file, and the file in question includes a GHPython component, I get the following loading errors!

After clicking on Close, the Grasshopper loading screen gets stuck at 100% and Rhino needs to be restarted.

Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 11.27.42

If I don’t relaunch Rhino and chose to create an empty file from a default template, a new Rhino window opens and the stuck Grasshopper loading screen glitch-ly disappears behind it.

When I now relaunch Grasshopper and open the file in question, all its GHPython components are in error mode (red), sometimes even the vanilla components too, and display the annoying error “Before solution index too high 0”. What does this mean?

The “Before solution index too high 0” error often seems to happen when dealing with GHPython components in different scenarios, for components whose code otherwise works flawlessly in the exact same configuration with vanilla components!

Is it just not recommended to start both apps like this? I remember reporting issues with this in the past. I’m using the latest Rhino 6 (no experimental version).

Hi -

Does that mean that it’s not consistent? Could you please attach a GH file that you can reproduce that behavior with?

Yes, 2 times out of 5, I’d say.

A recent, relevant test file can be found here!

@Wim, did you manage to reproduce this, because I’m encountering this “bug” at least 5 to 10 times a day, when cold launching Grasshopper? That’s how I call it now when I launch Rhino and Grasshopper from a GH-file that includes on or more GHPython components, because it seems as harmful to Rhino/Grasshopper as launching a diesel engine without preheating in cold climate. :wink:

Any news about this?