Bug: Line Styles

When I:

  1. Create a new file
  2. File>Settings>Line Style
  3. Add and Set the new Style name
  4. Inches (rather than MM)
  5. Set the line style, say “.01,.01” Inches
  6. Save as Template
  7. Create a new file using the template:

The new line style has been set to “.01,.01” (or whatever) MM, rather than Inches.

Hello - I do not see that here so far - that is the setting may change units but the number is correct, e.g. .0394 in inches is 1.00 mm. Is that what you mean?


This does not happen to me after a reboot. It happens when Rhino slows down and starts to become unresponsive as I described in a previous post.

.01 Inches in the template starts to become .01MM when I create from the template after the Rhino starts to slow down.