Bug: latest WIP: Text in block is not plotted

please see below a screenshot of the bug: text objects within a block are not printed (not visible in the preview either).
I am using my default PDF printer.
Text objects outside the block are printed as normally.

Can you please fix this asap?


Could you attach the file? I can’t seem to reproduce that here…

see enclosed.print_block_text.3dm (187.2 KB)

Interesting, it seems to work fine if you place the block base point at 0. When I pick another point by snapping to something, the text doesn’t print.

Two blocks in this picture - the only thing that is different is the base point.

But then it gets silly. I turned on the points of all of it and then moved it all closer to the origin. When I try to print to PDF, things look like this:

@stevebaer, partially related, perhaps. When exporting to PDF, I got the preview to show the text in the block but when I opened the PDF file, the text was not to be seen.

Hi all - thanks, I see this - It looks like the text moves, in the print, according to how far the block is inserted from the origin.