BUG: Issue with RH-53677 (BlendSrf)

I mentioned script, since I used Rhino.Geometry.Brep.CreateBlendSrf() but it’s in gh.
I’ve updated this YT: RH-63881 BlendSrf and chained history

Ok, well, I am more than a little disappointed by this. I saw RH-81297 was fixed, I had a job with a bunch of round and oval bezels, and I spent the weekend fighting the broken toolbar/container system to get our toolbars into v8.

What did RH-81297 actually fix? Is there a set of surface creation commands that BlendSrf can work with?

Can work with:

  • Revolve
  • ???

Can’t work with:

  • Sweep1
  • ???

My understanding is that currently, there have been made fixes to cases where the BlendSrf goes wild even though the surface edge domains stay the same. That is fixed in RH-81297 I believe.
So in all cases where the domain doesn’t stay the same (different sweep1 result, larger revolve) it won’t work.

@EricM Seems like RH-63881 was specific to Loft, so I made a new issue for the BlendSrf in relation to Sweep1, Sweep2 and Revolve.
RH-82032 History of BlendSrf when used with Sweep1, Sweep2, Revolve

That YT isn’t public.