Bug: Inverted direction of faces within joined polysurface


Not sure if this comes with SR 11 or earlier.
Basically when I open a file with polysurface, direction of some faces is not uniform. This can be checked by applying command Direction to the polysurface. Before everything was fine.

When checking a polysurface for naked edges - it shows naked edges where faces sharing this edge have different directions. If I explode and try to join faces again - it joins it, however gives this weird behavior.

Enclosed is the example.faces_bug.3dm (182.5 KB)

Hi Dmitry- look closely at the tips of the triangular faces- the control points are not collapsed to a singularity on these as I imagine they are expected to be - Use SetPt to fix these groups of points and I think it will all work out better.


The problem originates where 6 surfaces including 2 triangular surfaces meet. Exploding the polysurface shows 6 control points at the vertex of the 6 surfaces as expected plus 3 additional control points slightly away from the vertex. Moving the three additional control points to the vertex using SetPt solves the problem. When the surfaces are rejoined the normal are all on the same side of the polysurface, and there are no naked edges on the interior.