Bug installing Rhino in Win in other language

Rhino setup stops and gives me an error:

Unable to open


It seems it’s trying to install documentation in Portuguese, which doesn’t exist. I guess this have something to do with the fact that the lab computers are running Win 7 in Portuguese and is getting language info automatically, but this haven’t happened before with Rhino 4 or with the Rhino 5 Eval… We were used to choose English and that’s it.

This is from the latest Rhino build (May 24) downloaded today from the address included in the DVD.

Hi Ernesto,

I’m sorry you’re having difficulty installing. Can you please send me the full installation log that the installer gave? I can’t tell from this small section what the problem is.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply. We didn’t have time to deal with it until now. We downloaded the latest release of the installer and tried again. Same bug.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any installation log since it doesn’t complete the installation. There’s no way to fool the installer placing a html to find, because this tmp folder is created by the installer every time with an everchanging name.

We have successfully installed our copy of Rhino 5 in other computers of our lab. The only difference is that in this one, the DVD driver is not working, so we’re downloading the installer.

It looks like the downloaded installer have a different procedure for the selection of language documentation (probably, getting OS language instead of asking the user). Maybe it has change in latest releases, but is wrong to look for a documentation in an unsupported language and not offering any alternative.

I don’t think that the solution for this should be to translate the entire documentation to Portuguese. Not that this is not important (probably it is for others, but we work with most software’s UI in English), but instead to go back to the old procedure of asking the user for a prefered language to install.

Hi Ernesto,

After starting the installation process, please hold the shift key down (through the extracting process, until the installer asks you to select a language). Select English and see if that makes a difference in installation.

It looks like there is a bug that, on Portuguese systems, the installer is trying to initialize the Portuguese language, which doesn’t exist. We’re in the process of supporting Portuguese for Rhino 6, so it may be that something slipped into the installer that shouldn’t have.