Bug - Inconsistent interface object feedback color

V5 and V6
Color Settings allow to set a Feedback color for operations. E.g. the line you see when doing a curve offset.
These are not consistent:

  • Move / Rotate / Scale by Command color the feedback line by the active layer, while commands like offset take the color from the settings
  • Gumball drag on one axis colors by layer, while a gumball drag on a plane uses the settings color…
  • etc.

Not a big deal, but can be annoying with certain background colors…

I always wonder about those colors when I check settings in Rhino Options > Appearance > Color

You made me check the help file and can now at least say that it is wrong when it comes to the example for the feedback curve. In that case, the layer color of the object is used, not the color in the settings.

I’ll write up an item in the tracker. - RH-48031
Thanks for reporting.