Bug in vaElement with GH

Not too simple to explain… I’ll try.
I’ve put a simple GH definition into a vaElement, which takes a curve as input and draws a street marking stripe with a given width. To make it fancy, it should draw a boundary curve + hatch when ‘toggle cut plane’ is on in the level panel (Plan/2D mode, so to say, for floorplans), and a thin extrusion when the cut plane is off (Model/3D mode, for rendering).

So, the GH script outputs 3 things: curve, hatch and surface, which in the vaElement definition wizard look like so:

The strange thing is, when ‘toggle cut plane’ is off, the surface is drawn correctly… (please bear in mind the input curve and the vaElement can be moved apart - this is deliberate!)

… but when the toggle is on, the boundary curve and hatch have some strange wrong offset:

This can’t be a bug of the GH script, because when I set curve, hatch, surface output all to ‘Model’…
… the curve, hatch and surface are all drawn on the same correct location.

So, there seems to be some double transform going on in the vaElement code. Also, the whole thing is very unstable and crashes surely after doing some editing.

Here’s the testscene plus GH definition:
street markings line.7z (58.6 KB)

I’m using the preview version of VA that Enric sent me:

Thanks for looking into this!

Hello @Eugen,

The Gh definition looks fine, so it shouldn’t perform that offset. I’ll report the issue to find a solution.

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