Bug in V6 German command translation

I found this weird but important bug while teaching my class with Rhino in German this morning…

I wanted to show the command CutPlane. The German equivalent is called Schnittebene.

It works fine if you start it from the planar surfaces toolbar, or from the menu… But, as I have the habit of typing commands, I typed “Schnittebene” and enter - and then tried to set two points… but then it asked me for a “direction point”! Huh? After a couple of tries - I was sure I was doing something wrong - it was then I realized that typing "Schnittebene from the command line actually calls the ClippingPlane command, not the CutPlane command!!

All the more confusing because I was also showing ClippingPlane… (Zuschneideebene)

Anyway, I have reverified this here at home just now. What is astounding is that nobody has caught this one after two years of V6’s existence! It was correct in V5. I do not have the WIP here in German, so someone might want to check that too… :dizzy_face:

I recall this was mentioned before on the forum. :slight_smile:

Really, when? This is something that should be corrected in a SR, so I guess it had to be recently?

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2018 ???

Yeah, well…having gradient hatch is more important :wink:

@Daniel_Wunsch - can you take a look?