Bug in Transform.Scale(Plane, double, double, double)

I want to transform a sphere to an ellipsoid. So I use Transform.Scale(Plane plane, double x, double y, double z). It appears that I have no effect of y, and same effect of x and y.

    Sphere sphere = new Sphere(Point3d.Origin, 100);
    //Brep ellipsoid = sphere.ToBrep();
    Brep ellipsoid = Brep.CreateFromSphere(sphere);

    ellipsoid.Transform(Transform.Scale(Plane.WorldXY, aa, bb, cc));

    A = ellipsoid;

bug transform.gh (3.0 KB)

I use
Version 6 SR22
(6.22.20009.23271, 01/09/2020)
Version 6 SR24
(6.24.20055.18581, 02/24/2020)
Work In Progress
(7.0.20056.13055, 02/25/2020)

Hi @laurent_delrieu, try to make it deformable before the transform:



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Thanks, I didn’t thought about this. Because I often use simple non destructive transform…