Bug in "Sweep2 SubD"

There seems to be a bug in the window dialog: only 2 digits are visible (up to 99 is fine, when adding segments the third digit does not appear… nothing 100, 101,102 … etc).

Rhino 7 final version

Final? We haven’t quite yet shipped Rhino 8…
No problem in a current Rhino 7 here:


Rhino 7 Eval (2020-11-9)

I guess the italian phrases are longer, taking away space from the numeric stepper input that becomes smaller then, cutting off longer numbers visually.

Latest Rhino 7 available. On my 4K screen with 200 % scaling, I can only see two digits in the text field.

When I type the number and hit tab I see the last two digits, when I use the arrow I see the first two digits.

The text field could be a bit wider I think and aligned more to the right

I tried with other curves: the number is complete, perfect, except that the “folds on points of discontinuity” box is not activated. Why?

because (varies) takes up more space

Why is the “crease at kinks” box not activated? I have selected two closed curves, as you can see from my picture.

the last closed curve seems to give problems, a correct shape is not generated …

esempio multisweep.3dm (46.8 KB)

My guess, the curves in your second example aren’t SubD friendly

they are polylines, like your pentagon, I think …

What do you expect when sweeping curves with different point structure?

Here’s your example with equal point structure, the bevel could be smaller…

This is an exercise proposed for another cad (Nx I think). I re-proposed it …
(it is clear that the example you propose is more correct and coherent).
esempio multisweep.3dm (140.5 KB)

This is what you can do using the Nurbs tools (sweep2) … the same with the subDs why couldn’t it be achieved? The option “crease at kinks” cannot be activated.
The exercise requires that all curves are respected.

You’ll need to add control points and ever so slightly move them away so there is an actual kink in the curve.

esempio multisweep (1).3dm (111.2 KB)