Bug in subselecting mesh and deleting?

Hi, I have a 3D scan that I need to trim down and in Rhino this is a piece of cake, but in V7 it just hangs for minutes until I terminate it.

I use Shift-Ctrl and drag select to choose the faces:

But this selects the vertices too, so when I press delete Rhino just freezes.

After terminating Rhino and trying again I used the SubD Selection filter: Faces and then selecting and deleting is done in seconds.

Hei Jørgen -

I take it you mean that it’s no problem in Rhino 6 or do you mean that this isn’t a problem generally?

I just tried with a largish mesh here and had no problems.

6009400 mesh edges, 4004286 mesh faces, 2005116 mesh vertices added to selection.

Is your selection a lot bigger than that?
Can you upload the file so that we can take a look?

Note: those selection filters are not specific to SubD objects.
At any rate, I would recommend using the Faces filter when deleting parts of meshes this way. I find that the mesh “gets weird” when you select edges, faces, and vertices. That seems to collapse the edges of a border and creates a single NGON around the new edge:


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Strange, the mesh I have is 1M polygons, so less than yours.
I did select from top left to bottom right, maybe that affected something?

Ugg… I did that selection now just to chech, with the scan as a linked file (block) and now Rhino just froze. I don’t know if it tries to select the faces of the block as a bug?
VisualArq was loaded just now too. I’ll check to see if that affects anything.
(32GB memory)

Rhino crashed:

Other than the referenced file the Rhino file is very light. Just some curves and some boxes as we are designing an outdoor stair :slight_smile:

Yikes, that was a hard crash… Took along several other programs due to memory issues…

That seems to be the clue here…
I’ll check some more and throw it on the list.
Added item RH-63919

At 150 meters from the borders of my home town :sunglasses:

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Oops… sorry about that! :wink:

And yeah, it’s extra fun working on classy projects in the local area. We have had the pleasure of designing other outdoor elements for that house too.