Bug in -SetTurntableAnimation scripting


I’m trying to script this command: -SetTurntableAnimation
It seems it is working setting all parameters except the “Animation sequence name”, the last one:

Number of frames <10>: 10
Direction <Clockwise> ( Clockwise  AntiClockwise ): Clockwise
File type <png> ( jpg  bmp  png  tga ): png
Frame capture method <RenderedViewport> ( RenderFull  RenderPreview  Wireframe  Shaded  RenderedViewport  Ghosted  XRay  Technical  Artistic  Pen  Arctic  Raytraced ): RenderedViewport
Viewport name to render <Perspective>: Perspective
Animation sequence name <Animation>: foo

If now we use the command: SetTurntableAnimation (without dash) I can see that the animation sequence name is not set.

@rajaa - is this something you can help with?

@Jordi_Llonch indeed it looks like the name of the animation is only saved in the interactive version (with dialog) and not the scripted. Filed a bug here…
Thank you

Ok. Thanks.
I don’t have access to your ticket system. When is planned to have the fix?

I already checked in the fix. You should have access to it with the next service release.

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RH-56081 is fixed in the latest Service Release

Hi, It seems there is a regression with this bug. Tested in 7.11.21293.9001 on Windows.