Bug in rs.AddHatch() if no pattern in file?

Hi, if I make a new document with no template and run a script that adds a hatch, just like the example, then no hatch is made since there are no hatch definitions in the file… so what should I do for it to automatically add “Solid” and use that?

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
circle = rs.AddCircle(rs.WorldXYPlane(), 10.0)
if rs.IsHatchPattern("Grid"):
    rs.AddHatch( circle, "Grid" )
    rs.AddHatch( circle, rs.CurrentHatchPattern() )

The problem I guess is that if you run print rs.HatchNames() to an empty file then it returns nothing.

@Holo, I promise I will look at this tomorrow…

– D

I have the same problem in 6SR13 with Python. There is no ‘Solid’ hatch in the document unless you manually create a hatch yourself first. Is there a work-around?

How about this?

import Rhino
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc

name = Rhino.DocObjects.HatchPattern.Defaults.Solid.Name
pattern = sc.doc.HatchPatterns.FindName(name)
if not pattern:

circle = rs.AddCircle(rs.WorldXYPlane(), 10.0)
rs.AddHatch(circle, name)

– Dale


Working beautifully. Thanks, Dale.