Bug in rod component in rhino 7

hello. @DanielPiker
there is some interesting bug in the kangaroo rod components, which first appeared when I was testing a series of definitions in rhino 7. it seems, that the rod component does not accept polylines with an even number of control points. we tested it with the attached file on two windows pc. this error only appears in rhino 7, in rhino 6 everything is fine.
any hint how to solve this issue would be appreciated.

thank you + regards. markus

A2____rhino7_issues.gh (16.4 KB)

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the testing.
I think I see the bug in the code causing this now.

The Rod component is a bit different from most of the other Goal components in that it actually just creates a list of other Goals (Length for the segments, and Angle between consecutive segments).

So until this is fixed, it can be replaced with this cluster that does the same thing:
bending_rod.gh (13.9 KB)

thank you daniel - that was fast and even with a workaroud :wink:

nevertheless, could you estimate roughly, when the bug fill be fixed?
I am asking because I just created a series of video tutorials for gh beginners, based on the rod component. if you say, within some months, I would just explain the cluster solution to my direct students, otherwise, I need to add some explanation to the videos, before distributing them.