Bug in rhinoscriptsyntax toolbar.py (more or less solved)

Continuing the discussion from Toggle toolbar visibility without knowing its parent "collection":

Running the following script in my setup errors out on the line indicated:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def ToggleToolbarVisibility(tb_name):
    for tb_coll in rs.ToolbarCollectionNames():
        if rs.IsToolbar(tb_coll,tb_name):  #<--Here
            if rs.IsToolbarVisible(tb_coll,tb_name):

The error message is: “expected int, got str”

IsToolbar () is expecting an index for tb_name and not a string.

Edit - Never mind… apparently the example I am using needs the third argument in IsToolbar() to be True. Otherwise, with the default=False it errors out. Still, somehow this should be error tolerant and return None, not blow up… No?


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I find this bug, too. 3/10/2019