Bug in projecting lines onto brep

Please take a look at the attached file.



Surface transitions are G2 with the surfaces imported from Catia. The projected curves are lines. There shouldn’t be any break in the flow like circled in the above images.

project-bug.gh (49.1 KB)

I’m not seeing the break you show. What version of Rhino and GH are you using?

I was using SR13 (I think), but before I left work yesterday Rhino asked to update itself, so now I’m on SR14, and today when I opened up the same file, it still looked the same.

I have a 1080 graphics card in this machine and it’s on a driver that’s just a few weeks old.

Same here… No problem… What happens if you bake the geometry?

Done manually in Rhino looks the same in my case

Looks better when I scale the objects by 1000

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Ok, so some people have the bug and some do not. What could cause this?

Try different document tolerances

don’t forget to recalculate your solution after changing tolerances

pay also attention to the Isocurves of your polysurfaces, they look weird

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Thank you, this was the correct solution!

The surfaces are imported from Catia, so that’s why they look like that.

How did you get the U and V isoparms to draw in different colors, btw?


you can control the appearance of the Iso curves here

Options->View->Display Modes-> your display mode -> Objects->Surfaces

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