Bug in planar mapping in V5

If I make a gradient material for an object and assign a planar mapping by using the “bounding-box” option then it shows the bottom material at the very top. So you need to add a +filetolerance value to the top value. (so the bounding box is just slightly bigger than the object.

Jorgen - can you post an image? I’m not getting that here so far.


Just recreated the issue with a jpeg. It needs to contain areas with 100% white.
Add planar mapping with boundingbox option and use c-plane from front or side view.
bug planar mapping bounding box cplane gradient.3dm (1.0 MB)

Ah, I see from the image what you’re talking about - thanks.


Mucking around with it here, it looks like it is not a repeat of the bottom color, it’s some lightened version of the middle of the gradient between the two colors that is painted onto faces that are parallel the mapping plane normal.

Though my cone ‘full-renders’ correctly and your object does not. Still poking.

… It behaves differently on mesh objects. There I do get the gradient starting to repeat.



Thanks for digging deeper Pascal!